Marino Ballo

Marino Ballo was elected as a member of the Board of Directors of United Shipping Lines six years ago. He began his career as a forwarding agent with an apprenticeship at Danzas Zurich. To improve his use of the English language he worked for LEP Birmingham/England for two years and for his French language 4 years for Panalpina Geneva. During these periods he experienced all sort of Forwarding as: deep sea, airfreight and road transport in export and imports. He returned to Zurich where he worked for Union Transport Zurich before establishing Bonatrans in 1977. Bonatrans today has a staff of 50 people with offices in Zurich and Basel with logistic services and bonded warehouse facilities. Thanks to his membership in United Shipping since 1990, Bonatrans offers world-wide services to his customers. Marino is the President and sole owner of Bonatrans Switzerland and is also on the board of the Zurich Forwarding Association as well as on several committees of the Swiss Forwarding Association.


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